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How to Increase Boost Sales with Custom Feather Flags 2020

In the new year, every business owner has some specific goals in order to make the year out of the ordinary from the others. However, it is not a walk in the garden as every business needs to adopt methodologies on its own for the generation of sales and traffic. One thing which is a prerequisite for each and every business is the requirement for outdoor advertisement. Custom flags like advertising feather flags are known to play an indispensable role in conferring a boost in the sales.

Feather Flags ready to ship at Church Feather flags
Feather Flags ready to ship at Church Feather flags

Custom Flags

Custom Flags can be availed in a wide assortment of styles and sizes. The most common types are inclusive of custom 3×5 flags and feather flags. It is possible to use both the styles indoor and out. Both of them can be ported at ease. They are also known to function as billboard which can be moved around to different locations at ease. This facilitates easier advertisement of the brand, business or product. Full-color digital process help in showcasing your creativity in the perfect manner. Here are a brief description of the two well-renowned style and custom flags and what you can expect after buying them.

Custom Feather Flags

As evident from the name, this type of banner flags can be availed in the shape of the feather. They contribute to being tall flags which are 10 to 12 ft tall typically. The widths of these banner flags are within the range of 2 to 3 ft. They are composed of 4oz polyester materials. The material of these flags is finished with the aid of a coating by which it is possible to print premium quality of graphics on the top of the materials. This type of printing process is effective in the removal of restrictions during the creation of a specific design. You can make use of a plethora of live images, colors and different types of graphics.

Custom Feather Banner Flags - Church Feather Flags
Custom Feather Banner Flags – Church Feather Flags

Income Tax Signs

These feather flag designs are large and can be read at ease. They have also gained high prominence as flag banners, banner flags, feather flags and a lot of names. They are recognized to be advertising flags where graphics are printed on them. Most of them are known to be single-sided prints. However, few places come up with double sided prints for different types of custom flags. Double sided prints comprise of two flags that are printed back to back along with 100% block out in middle. Few places will not be putting block-out in the middle, thereby causing bleeding of a single side to the other.

A feather flag kit comprises of a flagpole kit, a flag, and a mounting hardware, depending on your choice. Most well-renowned mounts are inclusive of cross bases for the solid surfaces and ground stakes for the grass. The pole kit will comprise of different pieces which are telescoped together for making one large flag pole.

Apart from this, it is possible to upgrade most of the custom feather flag kits to the travel package, which permits the storage of each and every component within a canvas bag.

Income Tax Service Feather Banner Flags
Income Tax Service Feather Banner Flags

Custom 3×5 Flags

The 3×5 custom flags, available to us are considered to be the most popular ones. The rectangle flats have sleeves or grommet finish. They are lighter in weight and can be used at different locations at the business or home at ease. Students make the best use of them for showcasing the club pride or fraternity. They found extensive usage on flag poles, boats, and different locations. Businesses make use of them for branding the business at trade shows or outside of a storefront.

Cheap EDM Festival Flags – 3×5 Flags

These lightweight flags can be held and folded at ease. They are considered to be the best option for different events. It is possible to fold them down to the size of a napkin. This makes them really portable and they are known to fit most of the pockets.

EDC Custom 3x5 Flags
EDC Custom 3×5 Flags

How custom flags are beneficial in boosting sales?

In the present days, it is hard to find a business in the different open stand-alone locations where each and everything is visible at ease. With the rise in the population numbers across the globe, each and every business are looking forward to cramping a wide array of units into very small shopping complexes. Owing to this, it becomes quite challenging to see what is present inside the center easily. Advertising banner flags are considered to be the best solution in this aspect.

It is really difficult to miss a flag of 12 ft length having graphics and texts. It is easy to read 10 ft tall and 2 ft wide while you are driving at a speed of 40 mph.

Feather banners

Feather banners are located in the front of the Back of the Box. They come with easy to view graphics. Thus, they are helpful in getting visibility for your business, thereby causing more awareness and generation of more sales traffic. Feather flags are helpful in displaying sales and products to other people. Feather flags within product images and business name are considered to be an optimal option to use the custom flags. For instance, McDonalds flag having the image of drink and burger will have an improved performance in comparison to a feather flag with the logo just.

Single-sided custom flag

Feather flags for outdoor advertising - banner flags
Feather flags for outdoor advertising – banner flags

Certainly, they have an amazing flag design. The double-sided design is known to have a better performance as it makes the price to read at ease. The live graphics present on the feather flag is an ideal option for the generation of sales. If the custom flag is designed in a proper manner, it can really be beneficial for the rise in sales and traffic of the business. We provide free design services for different custom order. If you have a change of mind or you are not liking the design of the flag, you do not need to worry anymore. You can avail our services at absolutely free of sot. We promise to make 2018 a better year for your business with our air inflated dancers, banners, custom feather flags and different outdoor signs.