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Custom Feather Flags

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Church-Feather-Flags In-Stock Starting at $14.99
Church-Feather-Flags In-Stock Starting at $14.99

When it comes to getting more people into your church, one of the best and most affordable methods might be the use of roadside banners and feather flags. Especially feather flags because they’re banners that are designed with the purpose of catching the eye of passersby by using motion to its advantage. This helps bring attention to what’s being advertised. In this case, it’s your church or your church’s events, and it will serve to direct people your way. Trust me! We offer the best Banners for Churches.

These feather flags work wonderfully if they’re strategically placed around town and around your church.

Church Feather Flags are as lightweight as their name indicates and they’re meant to be displayed outdoors. That’s because breeze is a big part of their eye catching effect. When they’re staked in the ground they can stand over 15 feet tall and they’re about 2.5 feet wide; this secures a nice visibility range for people not to miss the name of your church or the information you’re providing. Need a custom banners for your church? Click here to request a free proof. The standard feather flag comes with a spike base, which is perfect to be staked in the ground. However, you can get an X-base if you can only place them in hard surfaces.

Custom Feather Flags Sizes

Feather-Flags-Sizes For Churches and Businesses

The image above shows all our custom feather flags sizes that we offer, our most popular sizes is the 12ft flag – 15ft kit set.

  • 6ft flag – 8ft kit – (flag, pole and ground spike) $119.99
  • 8ft flag – 10ft kit – (flag, pole and ground spike) $129.99
  • 10ft flag – 12ft kit – (flag, pole and ground spike) $129.99
  • 12ft flag – 15ft kit – (flag, pole and ground spike) $129.99 – Best Seller
  • 14ft flag – 16ft kit – (flag, pole and ground spike) $149.99
  • 15ft flag – 17ft kit – (flag, pole and ground spike) $169.99

Banners for Churches are made of…

Our feather flags are made of the best and most durable polyester materials. In customizing them you have the option of printing one side or both, it’s up to you. Keep in mind that feather flags are reversible. This means that if you only print one side of it your message won’t have the visibility you’re looking for. By printing both sides your message can be read from both sides. Once the wind starts doing its job, you won’t have to worry that your message is not getting across.

Feather flags come in a wide array of colors and they display different messages for you to choose whatever you like best. Remember that by default we offer single sided but you always have the option to upgrade to double sided feather flags. They can last for approximately a year depending on the weather conditions and the whole process of making them takes us from 2 to 3 days, Most of the times our orders ship before the 3rd day but we always ask for 3 days just to make sure we have enough time to produce them in case we have other large orders to fulfill.

How tall are the banners for churches?

Our feather flags are as tall as 12 feet. They come with a pole and a ground spike which brings it up to 15 feet. This measure guarantee maximum visibility and no one will miss your message! Something you have to remember about feather flags is that they’re not meant to stand strong winds. So whenever you know there’s a big storm coming, you’ll have to take them inside, otherwise they will get ruined much quickly than normal.

Feather flags are such a great option to showcase your church and to get the attention it deserves. What’s best is that they’re so versatile and so easy to place. The pole kits weigh very little and they can be easily brought together to form one larger pole. This makes the feather flags very easy to carry around and installment it’s also very simple. That means you can take them with you when you have events outside of church and it’s easy to go around town placing them.

How to use your banners for churches?

There are several uses for our wonderful feather flags. You can place them along the busiest roads in town to take advantage of all that traffic. You can also place them in the driveway of the parking lot of your church or in parking lot planters so they can welcome all of your visitors. They’re also great to advertise different church events that you want people in town to pay attention to.

All in all, feather flags are extremely useful when it comes to advertising your church. Everyone that goes by is immediately attracted to read what’s in the banner, so people will not miss the information you want to share. Use this wonderful method and get your church ready for a great flow of people. One thing is certain: they are worth every penny!